Some tidbits /småpyssel

Here we folded the hammock before the rains and a spider mom got mad. She really tries to protect her brood. Försvarar sina små! Hade funnit ett mysigt ställe i hängmattan. Tyvärr….

A frog in the shower. It has lived on the veranda for some time and we named it Grodan Boll (Frog the Ball), Grodan Boll i duschen.

Here is a moth. It is a Gnathothlibus Eras. These kinds of moths are beautiful but horrible. When I was a kid they always flew in and got stuck in my blond hair. Yuck! Jag kallar de här nattfjärilarna för bombplan. de kör in i mitt blonda hår och snurrar runt … usch och fy! Men vackra är de.

Here is the larvae of an Impatiens Hawk Moth. Another beautiful moth but also just as bad. This one is also the culprit of eating down our Fuchsias on the verandah. We have blamed it on first Alex the Possum, second the Bandicoot and last but not least the poor Grodan Boll. And all along it was this bad but beautiful “boy”. We put him on the Gardenia and later it was gone. Larverna av Imaptiens Hawk Moth. Likadant här! De här är fuchsiagnagaren. INTE grodan, inte Alex possumen och inte bandicooten.

Here you can see the difference between the Cedars. White Cedar and Red Cedar. These are native Australians. Took a pic when looking for places to plant the avo, mango and the two maca’s. We have already started to make way among the Privets but discovered som Red’s and have to decide which ones to keep so they will grow nice and beautiful. Vi ska plantera men försöka spara de vackraste träden.

Red Cedar
White Cedar

This is an odd mushroom! A Phallus rubicundus. En underlig svamp som växte utanför grönsakslanden.

And between the rain showers we have now we do small chores around the house. 

Tomatoes for tonights pie. Kvällens pajinnehåll.

Basil and Chives also for the pie. Mer till pajen.

Here our first harvested pumpkin. Not many this year. May have to sow more later for May-Aug harvest.

A bit of daily harvest. Första pumpan skördad.

Daily harvest. Dagens lilla skörd. Ofta lagom till mat.

Sage drying. Almost dried and will be mortared and added to the Sage jar. Salvia på tork.

Oregano drying. Will remove the the stems for faster drying. Oregano på tork.

Thyme, also time to pound it into more or less powder and add to the Thyme jar. Timjan på tork.

Latest harvest are the Grapes. Not many at all this year but four small jars of jam got made. Druvskörden blev liten i år. Det blev några burkar sylt.  

And at the same time we of course must uphold the tradition of making and eating the Semla bun. Baking , making our own almond paste. 

The pie came out great and now for the Semlor! Sist men inte minst Semlor!