Rainy Lördag

Jen vaknade tidigt och gjorde iordning elden. Hade en lugn stund med en kopp te innan maken vaknade. Skickade en näthälsning till doterns födelsedag och skrev ett brev till dotterdottern och hoppas att det ska locka till läsning. Gjorde disken, limesaft, kumquatsaft, pannkakor med fyllning och ost, räkmackor, rörde om i vinet som står på jäsning och avslutade dagen med lite F1 på datorn. Ingen Key Lime Tart blev gjord, det saknades condenserad mjölk på burk. Inga utejobb blev gjorda för det regnade hela dagen.

Läser en jättegammal bok och skrattar högt åt stavningen och orden de använder. Jajaja med det är sååå kul!

Jen woke early and got the wood stove going. It rained all day. We did the dishes, sent daughter a birthday card, wrote a letter to granddaughter in hopes she´ll read it, made double kumquat cordial (this year it is quite weak in taste compared to last year), limeade, prawn sandwich, pancakes with stuffing and cheese, rinsed the guava leaves and set them to dry, no Key Lime tart –had no condensed milk, stirred prison wine and ended the evening with a bit of F1 on the computer. No outside jobs got done. Too much rain.

Reading a very old book and the words they used and the spelling makes us laugh sooo much. Can´t help it!



Svenska under bilden.

We are both feeling down in the dumps.Our bodies are tired and our minds don´t agree. No dishes were done, no laundry either but we did a lot of pruning on our trees.The two Yellow Guavas, one of the Mulberries and a Lilly Pilly. This tree we pruned a bit last year and it was in July. It lost tons of green hard berries. Jen made them out to be some kind of Lilly Pilly but could not find out which. This year when we had pruned it good she found some ripe Magenta Lilly Pillys on the ground. So it we have two Magenta Lilly Pillies.  That is great. Also just found out The Magenta is and endangered species which means we probably should try to propagate some more somewhere on the parcel. After having pruned a wallaby came along and sat among the branches on the ground. Jen was gathering some of the good looking leaves for tea and said to the wallaby it could eat the leaves, hahahahah, The wallaby jumped along a bit and sat down to eat off the Guava leaves. When we both went inside to have a cuppa´ it came onto the yard and ate from the weeds in the grass! How cute! After tea we cleared out all branches to the meadow and sorted the bigger chunks of branches in one pile and let the others just lie spead out. We let nature help us and dry the leaves to drop off and later be sucked into the lawn mower and spread on the compost heaps. the Patches look fine. We also measured out our two new patches for the spring. Tomorrow we will start digging them out.

Vi känner oss båda lite nere. Våra kropparna är trötta men våra sinnen inte är överens med kropparna. Ingen disk gjordes, ingen tvätt heller men vi gjorde en hel del beskärning på våra träd.Två gula Guava, ett av mullbären och en Lilly Pilly. Detta träd beskar vi lite förra året och det var i juli. Det förlorade massor av gröna hårda bär. Jen fann att de var någon form av Lilly Pilly men kunde inte ta reda på vilken. I år när vi beskar det fann hon några mogna Magenta Lilly Pillys på marken. Så då vi har två Magenta Lilly Pilly träd. Det är bra. Också fick reda på att Magenta är en hotad art vilket innebär att vi förmodligen bör försöka att sprida lite mer någonstans på vår mark. Efter att ha beskuren kom en wallaby och satte sig bland grenarna på marken. Jen höll på att samla några finare blad till te och sade till wallaby´n den kunde äta bladen, hahahahah, då hoppade wallaby´n längre bort och satte sig att äta av Guava bladen. När vi båda gick in för att fika lite kom den in på gården och åt ogräs! Hur söt! Efter fikat rensade vi bort alla grenar till ängen och sorterade de tjockare grenarna i en hög och låt de andra ligger precis utbredda. Vi låter naturen hjälpa oss att torka bladen att släppa och senare sugas in gräsklipparen och spridas på komposthögarna. Grönsakslanden ser bra ut. Vi mätte också våra två nya grönsaksland för våren. I morgon kommer vi att börja gräva ut dem.

No frost! Jen woke with the bad back ache, it’s been eight days now, and took the day off after most chores were done. Mick joined her.

So inside work got done. Baked bread in the new pans. The old Danish big ones are loosing their black coating more and more. Straight into our stomachs no doubt. We bought new pans.

The bread came out well but not perfect. For some reason the oven died at some point. So bread got baked, then banana bread and macadamia cookies. All set now for coffee brakes. Still gotta make some more Key Lime Pie.

Pancakes for lunch and then a lot of dishes to be cleaned. Did some raking below the house and watered the patches. Something has started to eat on the Basil so arranged Parlsley all around it. All the Chinese Granat was eaten in patch 1.

Doing some macadamia nut outer part removal every day as they start cracking up.

Oh yeah tried out the Guava tea. Very odd taste. Not like Guava fruit and not like grass.

Drying Guava leaves
Tea is in the jar
First taste


Another Winter Wednesday

A giant dishwashing, split wood, lunch. Sawed up the rest of the tree we took down yesterday then split the logs at home. We now have wood for a couple of weeks to go. We found 2 lizards in the logs and put them in the lomandra with some grass over. Dinner of lamb, rice and a homegrown grapefruit each. No rain but very cloudy. The ground is still very wet.

Yesterday while out cutting down trees we found black berries on a vine. We have seen them before and searched books and internet a couple of times these last years but not found them. Today we found them on the net and they are Kangaroo Vine and are edible. Great. Tried half of one berry. It was super tart with a wiff of sloan berry. Read than one can make jam on them. Gotta try this. Not much written on this otherwise and everyone had copied someone else but not tried it themselves it seemed. See if we can get some pics another day.

Just any winter Tuesday

We went to the bush after breakfast. We cut down 3 trees and cut them up. One tree we only cut up half. We will do the rest tomorrow. There is one huge tree that fell over the road in the drought. We have been cutting it bit by bit. Maybe our chainsaws are too small now. Home for lunch. More cutting after lunch. Then home again and have tea. Then we started chopping up the wood. We took turns. Sometimes we must take a break for Magnus to eat some ants that came out of the wood. We had two meetings in the bush. Greg came and honked in the morning. In the afternoon Jay came by and waved like crazy and looked very happy. Some wine and pasta for dinner.