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No frost! Jen woke with the bad back ache, it’s been eight days now, and took the day off after most chores were done. Mick joined her.

So inside work got done. Baked bread in the new pans. The old Danish big ones are loosing their black coating more and more. Straight into our stomachs no doubt. We bought new pans.

The bread came out well but not perfect. For some reason the oven died at some point. So bread got baked, then banana bread and macadamia cookies. All set now for coffee brakes. Still gotta make some more Key Lime Pie.

Pancakes for lunch and then a lot of dishes to be cleaned. Did some raking below the house and watered the patches. Something has started to eat on the Basil so arranged Parlsley all around it. All the Chinese Granat was eaten in patch 1.

Doing some macadamia nut outer part removal every day as they start cracking up.

Oh yeah tried out the Guava tea. Very odd taste. Not like Guava fruit and not like grass.

Drying Guava leaves
Tea is in the jar
First taste