Monday 21 Jan 2018

Watered. All is drying. Everyday we find something dying. Melons and tomatoes.

Today we ran Johnny almost around the blackberry patches on the other side of the lower paddock. There are about 4 patches of brambles. We also picked about 2 litres of ripe berries – yum! When starting to drive Johnny two familiar berries fell off. They come from a tree up on the hill. Cockspur Thorn. They were ripe and soo good. That is good because it seems that the Cockspur growing by Potmans border died in the fire. Such a pity. But yay we have one on our own property. Will TLC it!

A couple of raindrops but it will not amount to much! Not nearly enough.

No kajaks yet just the two paddles. Sigh!