Shopping Day

The night was awful and stormy and we got little sleep but we had 3 appointments so must into town. Up 6 and off at 7. Heard Ben so Postmans is clear. We will take it. A bit of a slip and slide but ok. Chores (the times are when we got the receipts) : 10.07 M:s doc for check-up and med’s, 10.20 Super Cheap for hose to shipper snipper which got a leak, 10.32 Preen for the push mower – finally 3 months later, 11 Bunnings for garden stuff, 11.15 BWS for some alcoholic sustenance, 12.20 Dentist for M fastening the implants, 13.30 Lou’s lunch, 13.51 Friendlies for the med’s, 14.40 OPSM for eye check and new readers so I have two pairs- all was ok, 16.07 Woolies for food, 16.30 Diesel and petrol for ute and cannisters, then some coffee with ice cream, we had berought a thermos with water and bought ice cream at Woolies. On the way home, round about Nulla Nulla I got a stomach swelling and odd feeling of sickness, on Postmans it got worse. We had to stop once to remove a tree and I got out and lifted away some branches and it felt better – lots of farting and burping. 18.34  unpacked at home and a grog and felt much better. Just a sandwich and we will eat the prawns tomorrow, just too tired. As usual met a lot of nice peep to yarn a bit with except the Preen guys they are always dour except the young redheaded guy. Beautiful dry sunny day and just a bit of slipping and sliding on the way home!