Högg ner ett dött träd en dag.

Monday. Chilly days ahead. A windy weekend so we went to clear Postmans for Postie. Picked some medium branches which we later cut up. Finished off the tree we felled last week and another earlier tree we just had laid up from the ground to dry. Home and begin to saw and split. Then we found this! Honey! of some kind. But it seems to be from flies? Or ants that are not honey ants. Very odd and interresting. Very tasty but how do we separate the sweet stuff from the wood? Hmmm.

4 thoughts on “Honey”

  1. Hey! Mini-Bees… there are many species. Good luck with sifting the honey from the wood splinters 🙂
    Also, maybe a bugger that you deprived them of their home, bees in all sizes are good for pollinating, I’ve been told. Hopefully they’ll find another home for next season.

    1. We are also saddened about this. We let other bees eat the honey. Someone has to eat and all bees are welcome. It did not seem as if the tiny ones lived there only went there for a feed. But still it hurt.

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