More plants from walk

Beginning the day with a fire and MasterChef, always a nice way to start the day! MasterChef had indigenous plants in today’s challenge so will check it and the guest chef out more closely.  nDid some more investigating on yesterdays plant collection:

Non-native invasive weed the tall flower / weed with nettle like leaves and tiny blue / purple flowers in clusters is probably a Verbena Incompta or so. Argyrodendron actinophyllum subsp actinophyllum, Black Booyong, Tulip Oak nine leaves in a whorl and wavy edges. 

Acacia (Wattle) of some kind very slim leaves with oil dots, growing along branch/twig. 

Cunjevoi or Arum Lily hard to say but most probable Cunjevoi, Alocasia brisbanensis . 

One we could not find so gave up. 

One is a climbing fern of some kind but could not find it for sure, but certain it was a fern. Showers throughout the day. Put up some netting over the Brassicas to hinder the Bower birds from eating too much. Mick dug up the TSA so we’ll burn it later. Harvested the 5 last pumpkins. They have stopped growing anyway and are still pretty small – oh well. 

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