What can be found the fence post?

One day we were sawing up old half eaten fence posts that we had dug up. They were posted oddly under a tree. We put one on the saw horse and it seemed to have a loose heart sort of. It moved away but that is common with termite stricken wood or wood that is eaten by ants. We sawed it and were we lucky! The inside that moved was this little bottle! Who put it there and why? We will never know. Someone must have set it on the post and with the years it rotten down to the bottom. Or maybe put it there not knowing the post was hollow and it fell to the bottom and could not be retrieved. Oh well. Could have sawn right into it with the chainsaw. Scary!






What shall we eat today?

Most of the time food is not planned in advance. This year especially we have to make up everything as we go since it is not growing well in the patches. We have not made any home made salsa or cucumbers, those amounted to only two whereas last year we ate cucumbers coming out of our ears. So in the morning we decide what to eat. What is in the fridge and what is ready to be harvested in the patches.

Freezer prawns, rice fried with egg, swede, carrot, basil & parsley.


Next. We have many butternut pumpkins/squash this year. They are not big but have become a staple. Better like butternuts! Here is the days butternut soup with, again, prawns and some homegrown red capsicum and fresh oregano. There is something more green in there,  might be green capsicum that was laying around in the fridge.

Butternut prawn soup

Kronan på verket. Nya rätter att göra av squashen? Halvera squashen och skåra den. Pensla med något gott fettigt. Kör i ugnen tills den är mjuk och fin, ca 1 tim. Senap, ost, hackade nötter som man gillar, örter som man har hemma och gillar och strö på och in i ugnen en kvart. Mumsmums. Eller vad man nu vill strö på.

Det gav idéen att köra squashen med något sött på istället, som sirap och nötter och lite smör eller liknande. Hmmmmmmm.






Flying visitor,

This guy came along one day. Usually he soars high up above the mountain range in circles, sometimes they are two. Two black flying spots.

Today it flew low down and sat down in the high grass for a while. Then came up and flew around our house in big circles for a while before disappearing up into the skies again.

Most probably a Spotted Harrier.