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Just any winter Tuesday

We went to the bush after breakfast. We cut down 3 trees and cut them up. One tree we only cut up half. We will do the rest tomorrow. There is one huge tree that fell over the road in the drought. We have been cutting it bit by bit. Maybe our chainsaws are too small now. Home for lunch. More cutting after lunch. Then home again and have tea. Then we started chopping up the wood. We took turns. Sometimes we must take a break for Magnus to eat some ants that came out of the wood. We had two meetings in the bush. Greg came and honked in the morning. In the afternoon Jay came by and waved like crazy and looked very happy. Some wine and pasta for dinner.

What can be found the fence post?

One day we were sawing up old half eaten fence posts that we had dug up. They were posted oddly under a tree. We put one on the saw horse and it seemed to have a loose heart sort of. It moved away but that is common with termite stricken wood or wood that is eaten by ants. We sawed it and were we lucky! The inside that moved was this little bottle! Who put it there and why? We will never know. Someone must have set it on the post and with the years it rotten down to the bottom. Or maybe put it there not knowing the post was hollow and it fell to the bottom and could not be retrieved. Oh well. Could have sawn right into it with the chainsaw. Scary!