Barbed wire

So the hated barbed wire.

Stupid new neighbours 2 cows seem to have joined Potmans leftover bull. Some weeks ago they had crapped down by our beach. That´s where we take our water! So we followed the creek until the road and found three barbed wire fences that were lying down. Probably from old floods. So we streched our fence along the lower paddock which has electric and smooth wire. Although the electricity is not connected. Then some days ago the cows were eating limes along the mail box. We chased them out and had to raise the barbed wire fencing between the new neighbour and the road. Next we had cows at the water tank. (This time the bull had some more ladies with him.) Not good because they may step on the hose and crack it and let out all the water. So we chased them and this time they remembered that they could not get back through their usual broken down fence. We followed them and saw where there are more parts of fencing down.

So today we went and fixed those parts as best we could. At one point 3 meters of barbed wire was cut away and missing.

Now we hope that we will not have any more cows around the house at least.

We still don´t like barbed wire but what can you do.

Sewing and sowing

Started making curtains from some old fabric we found. It is fabric from an old medieval dress Jen sewed once.


Today is a beautiful day. We took a cuppa with us to the creek while the laundry was beeing rinsed. Two big black cockatoos came along and shreiked at us a little and flew away. We think they might have a nest close by.

Maybe this is the last frost morning! Hoping so.

Made chicken in milk a couple of weeks ago and saved the liquid. Today we mixed it with chicken meat and had for lunch. Tasted neither orange nor milk but tasted very good anyway.

Mick sowed the rest of the seeds that should go in pots first and we will sow what goes straight in the ground tomorrow.

We are sowing a Quandong tree:


Someone is burning their paddocks on the other side of the mountain and it makes the sky hazy. Last days of burning now before 1st of Sept.

Eve dinner will be some chinese ginger stuff we´ll put together.

Still cold mornings and evenings but   soooooon!

Late winter

Today, the 20:th, we have lived in Oz for two years since Greece.

Now it must be spring! We were outside most of the day in t-shirts!

This week we have sown lots of seeds in small empty butter containers and have them in the little net seed house.

We have sown: lettuce -three kinds, parsnip, radishes, shallots, broccoli, basil -2 kinds, and spinach. Also radishes outside in patch 3. We are still weeding patch 3.

Photo 1

We have now made a sowing plan in Excel for our coming year. We will note when to sow for the first time and then we shall see how often we shall sow or can sow after that. Two more squares are planned too, one for corn stalks and one for artichokes.

We have written down companion plants too but that bit will have to wait until next year. We cannot take on too much at the same time, right!

There are also still veggies growing so today we harvested one super large Swede, fit for fodder we know but still edible, broccolini, dill and probably the two last and quite small cauliflowers, oh, and two red beets.

Photo 3  Citrongräs, Broccolini, Kinesisk kål, Blomkål och små persiljor växer här.Photo 4

Swede/kålrötter och en ensam dill

The dill is bouquet dill and very nice. It´s the second time we harvest from the same plant. Dill is definitely a plant for our winter time.

Yesterday we made rösti on a mix of roots. It was yum! We both can´t wait for our new seeds to grow!

Of course we have ongoing work all over like mowing, working the patches, pumping water, picking up branches and twigs after each storm or high winds and rain, getting wood in the bush or arranging logs to dry. Clearing different areas again.

Next big step is moving the water tank and getting all the pipes into the house in the correct places and on to the veggie patch. One of our neighbours is giving us their drip hoses so we shall pick them up and install one day in the veggie patches.

Now, when we have a cool season and many plants are dormant, we can walk to many places like down to the big red cedar without being too vigilant about snakes. We have plans to make a bench and nice sitting area there and maybe clearing the bush down to the beach so one can sit and contemplate life over a glass of something nice.


Never think you shall look good

Going in to B to dump the trash at the recycling centre and posting the census and a letter to the ATO for a stamp to send to Greece to prove that we live here. How does that prove anything? The Greek authorities and our lawyers are the pits. They can just call the council in K and the tax people in AU and check that we live here instead of making us get stamps and pay out of our noses.

Anyway. We got on our city clothes. Jen let her hair down and the weather has been fine a couple of days. The postman (lady) came through without a hitch so we thought we could leave the chainsaw at home.

More than halfway through lo and behold a tree with a gazillion vines wrapped around it! Good thing we had the machete with us and gloves. So just started hacking away and pulling off the vines until the tree was free. That nicely hanging hair in face and mouth and dirt on our city clothes. Phew! Snatch strap on tree and pull it aside with the ute. Road free after maybe 30 min! Not a bad job! Then on to the village.

Had a cuppa at the General Store and had a nice chat with, haha, shows – the postman’s father! Small world!

New white stuff


So the day after we did our shopping in Kemp the freezer on the fridge popped. It´s been on the on and off for a week but we thought stupidly that we would have some more time to check out freezers and fridges before it totally went dead. It has three settings and the middle setting was the one that ceased but this morning all of them refused even the quick freeze button. Thermostat must be broken. Yesterday we resisted to check out the white goods in town because it is so nice to come home while it is still light. We should have.

So this morning we have a fridge full of newly bought food and a freezer full of frozen food for 5 days = 11 meals each for 2 people. To have someone come out, a 2 hour drive, from Kempsey to have a look at the fridge/freezer and either say buy a new one or take it apart and say we need a new thermostat and pay out of our nose, then go back 2 hrs. No, just buy new stuff because we need it today.

It has rained some more during the night so the roads will be worse but WTH just pack all the “saw down trees and hack away the vines” kit and get going. Most of that stuff is always in the ute anyway. But good, no car fridge, no cooler and no carton for cans & bottles. And away we go. The creeks are up so we have to go through the bush.

First stop lunch at KFC. That chicken has most definitely been frozen.

Second stop, get a sturdy trolley at Bunnings. We can always use a good trolley around here. So we unpacked it in the parking lot and went over to pump the tyres. One tyre was leaking so back to Bunnings. They did not want to give us new tyres and the guy, after humming and hawing and talking to the manager, went over to pump the tyre himself. Haha, the tyre did leak! Theeen he gave us a new tyre for free. So back to the parking lot and put on the new tyre. They were pumped already. That took at least 45 min of precious time.

Things you think will be quick are never quick. Things that you think will take time are always quicker. Ain´t that odd.

So 3rd stop Betta and have a look at what they´ve got, not impressed.

Over to the pretty newly opened white goods outlet store by the railway. All goods they had were from east Asia. After a lot of discussions we chose a Daewoo. The freezer is much bigger then we old one and that is important to us. Had to ask the salesperson how it handled on the highway. She got it immediately and said she had not tried that yet. The salesperson made sure we understood that even though there was a five year warranty nobody would come out to our neck of the woods or even Bellbrook. They would send stuff and we would have to do the rest. So up with the Daewoo on the ute, standing up of course.

Onward home. Dark clouds everywhere but we did not get any rain – yay! We made it home without cutting down neither branches or the package on P-trail. Both creeks are still high but here we have bridges.

Slithering down our hill but we made it in one piece. Then into the house to move the old one into the storage room. Stupid fridge worked when we got home but it is so off and on and that is not good. Then slide down the new one and off with the packaging (by now it was pitch black) and roll up the stairs and into the house and on it´s place. Put on handles and wheels and so on and got it going. Yaya. After 2 hrs. Mick transported the freezer goods over to the new freezer and woah it almost disappeared compared to the old freezer. Still it does not look bigger on the outside but it is slightly.

Ok, late dinner in front of a nice fire. Phew.