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Barbed wire

So the hated barbed wire.

Stupid new neighbours 2 cows seem to have joined Potmans leftover bull. Some weeks ago they had crapped down by our beach. That´s where we take our water! So we followed the creek until the road and found three barbed wire fences that were lying down. Probably from old floods. So we streched our fence along the lower paddock which has electric and smooth wire. Although the electricity is not connected. Then some days ago the cows were eating limes along the mail box. We chased them out and had to raise the barbed wire fencing between the new neighbour and the road. Next we had cows at the water tank. (This time the bull had some more ladies with him.) Not good because they may step on the hose and crack it and let out all the water. So we chased them and this time they remembered that they could not get back through their usual broken down fence. We followed them and saw where there are more parts of fencing down.

So today we went and fixed those parts as best we could. At one point 3 meters of barbed wire was cut away and missing.

Now we hope that we will not have any more cows around the house at least.

We still don´t like barbed wire but what can you do.