Definitely Autumn

So now begins the cold season. We are desperately working the patches but it is such slow work. the grassroots are awful and divides by three or are deep and the grass itself is more than a metre in many cases. No 4 is almost done and we have sown some autumn vegies. We found and cared for some that is left from the drought and is now thriving after our TLC. Some tomatoes, cabbage, sage, some bean plants that made it but probably needs cover now. Squash and three globe artichokes. We can see and wade through grass for pumpkin, snake beans, sweet potato, chillies, jalapeno and wax beans. There is actually a little bit of harvesting every day, not and abundance but enough. Something really thriving are the loofahs! Some research shows they are not only for scrub loofahs but a staple food in African countries. They have a slightly slimy feeling but totally ok in food.