Preserving Lemons

So first year we tried to keep the lemons like when you keep apples over winter. Wrapped in newspaper. Oh dear they all got mouldy straight away. Year after tried the trick of washing and drying them but then we went travelling so coming home they were mouldy and had gone through the towel and table cloth and made the table top mouldy too. Disaster!

Third time around, washed, dried, grated the rind into a plastic container and froze. Squeezed all juice and poured into super cleaned (with boiling hot water type) up so it poured over, on with lid and into pantry. One jar got half filled so into the fridge. Add to mayo, sauces, tea and what ever… cakes: juice and rind.

This was perfect so again this year:

Washing and rinsing lemons
Drying and grating
squishing them
Juice bottled and rind in container

Drought and currawongs

Every year the Currawongs come in hordes and cover the lower paddock for a winder feed. This year due to it being so incredibly dry they soon dispersed to look for food elsewhere and left some straggles behind. they are still here and desperate. walking around pecking at insects. In this pic they found ants up in the trees so all currawongs went up the trees and started pecking. One of them also gave the lemons a try but after eating a few we guess he gave it up.

Planning and no planning

So nice morning by the fire.

Planning the day:

Dishes, squeeze the lemons and grate / riva skalet / the peel to freeze, fix the fan outlet to the new kitchen fan /range hood /spisfläkten. Then peel the dried coriander /fixa torkade koriandern och på burk, then weed patch no 3 / ogräs’a grönsaksland nr 3.

Nice plan eh. but first after dishes morning coffee and then a nice walk along Postmans. Promis i bushen alltså.

Lite grenar här och var som måste plockas / picking branches after the terrible stormwinds we have had. Oops a tree over the road! Träd över vägen. Walk around it! 5 more minutes a gigantic tree over the road… O what’s going on hmmmm. Home and lunch.

Atlas and both chainsaws and off to clear the road.

Bonnie did the first tree. Easy peasy.

Second tree almost killed Brutus. We could roll it to the sides.

Och här, bivänner, här fanns också något som verkade vara bihonung och kanske längre in själva the beehive. Men eftersom vi inte sågade upp trädet och tog hem utan låter det ligga utmed vägen så kan bina må fint. Nu är det också mycket varmare och blommorna i bushen börjar blomma. Om man skaffar bikupor så får man tänka på att bina behöver honungen till vintern så att man inte tar den då.

So much for planning. Now a bit of grog, lemon pie and popcorn. The day is done and it’s getting dark.