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Late winter

Today, the 20:th, we have lived in Oz for two years since Greece.

Now it must be spring! We were outside most of the day in t-shirts!

This week we have sown lots of seeds in small empty butter containers and have them in the little net seed house.

We have sown: lettuce -three kinds, parsnip, radishes, shallots, broccoli, basil -2 kinds, and spinach. Also radishes outside in patch 3. We are still weeding patch 3.

Photo 1

We have now made a sowing plan in Excel for our coming year. We will note when to sow for the first time and then we shall see how often we shall sow or can sow after that. Two more squares are planned too, one for corn stalks and one for artichokes.

We have written down companion plants too but that bit will have to wait until next year. We cannot take on too much at the same time, right!

There are also still veggies growing so today we harvested one super large Swede, fit for fodder we know but still edible, broccolini, dill and probably the two last and quite small cauliflowers, oh, and two red beets.

Photo 3  Citrongräs, Broccolini, Kinesisk kål, Blomkål och små persiljor växer här.Photo 4

Swede/kålrötter och en ensam dill

The dill is bouquet dill and very nice. It´s the second time we harvest from the same plant. Dill is definitely a plant for our winter time.

Yesterday we made rösti on a mix of roots. It was yum! We both can´t wait for our new seeds to grow!

Of course we have ongoing work all over like mowing, working the patches, pumping water, picking up branches and twigs after each storm or high winds and rain, getting wood in the bush or arranging logs to dry. Clearing different areas again.

Next big step is moving the water tank and getting all the pipes into the house in the correct places and on to the veggie patch. One of our neighbours is giving us their drip hoses so we shall pick them up and install one day in the veggie patches.

Now, when we have a cool season and many plants are dormant, we can walk to many places like down to the big red cedar without being too vigilant about snakes. We have plans to make a bench and nice sitting area there and maybe clearing the bush down to the beach so one can sit and contemplate life over a glass of something nice.