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Sewing and sowing

Started making curtains from some old fabric we found. It is fabric from an old medieval dress Jen sewed once.


Today is a beautiful day. We took a cuppa with us to the creek while the laundry was beeing rinsed. Two big black cockatoos came along and shreiked at us a little and flew away. We think they might have a nest close by.

Maybe this is the last frost morning! Hoping so.

Made chicken in milk a couple of weeks ago and saved the liquid. Today we mixed it with chicken meat and had for lunch. Tasted neither orange nor milk but tasted very good anyway.

Mick sowed the rest of the seeds that should go in pots first and we will sow what goes straight in the ground tomorrow.

We are sowing a Quandong tree:


Someone is burning their paddocks on the other side of the mountain and it makes the sky hazy. Last days of burning now before 1st of Sept.

Eve dinner will be some chinese ginger stuff we´ll put together.

Still cold mornings and evenings but   soooooon!