Never think you shall look good

Going in to B to dump the trash at the recycling centre and posting the census and a letter to the ATO for a stamp to send to Greece to prove that we live here. How does that prove anything? The Greek authorities and our lawyers are the pits. They can just call the council in K and the tax people in AU and check that we live here instead of making us get stamps and pay out of our noses.

Anyway. We got on our city clothes. Jen let her hair down and the weather has been fine a couple of days. The postman (lady) came through without a hitch so we thought we could leave the chainsaw at home.

More than halfway through lo and behold a tree with a gazillion vines wrapped around it! Good thing we had the machete with us and gloves. So just started hacking away and pulling off the vines until the tree was free. That nicely hanging hair in face and mouth and dirt on our city clothes. Phew! Snatch strap on tree and pull it aside with the ute. Road free after maybe 30 min! Not a bad job! Then on to the village.

Had a cuppa at the General Store and had a nice chat with, haha, shows – the postman’s father! Small world!

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