Another Winter Wednesday

A giant dishwashing, split wood, lunch. Sawed up the rest of the tree we took down yesterday then split the logs at home. We now have wood for a couple of weeks to go. We found 2 lizards in the logs and put them in the lomandra with some grass over. Dinner of lamb, rice and a homegrown grapefruit each. No rain but very cloudy. The ground is still very wet.

Yesterday while out cutting down trees we found black berries on a vine. We have seen them before and searched books and internet a couple of times these last years but not found them. Today we found them on the net and they are Kangaroo Vine and are edible. Great. Tried half of one berry. It was super tart with a wiff of sloan berry. Read than one can make jam on them. Gotta try this. Not much written on this otherwise and everyone had copied someone else but not tried it themselves it seemed. See if we can get some pics another day.

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