Gardening chores

Ingen översättning. Prova google översättning. Lycka till.

Got the mower back. But then it rained and rained and the grass never dried up but it grew and grew and so did the weeds. Now it has been dry a couple of days so we have started raking fallen leaves and mowing. Doing some clearing too. A piece of corrugated roofing was fastened to one of the fences. Why? Who knows. We have stopped asking why.  We are just glad there are some fruit trees. Took off another piece of metal stuff. A bit of squared fencing was tied onto the ordinary fence by the grapes. Starting to look nice again.

So there were no Lilly Pilly this year. A handful. But after we took down the giagantic Liquid Ambar that kept the house moist and in shade and shaded a lot of trees so who knew what they were, They have come out and shown their face. One is an orange tree, one is a Banksia, now with 9 flowers in different stages, one is a Yellow guava!, one looks like a white Lilly Pilly but has not ripened. We have of course fed them also but sunshine is very important.

Well we have a l o t of yellow guavas this year. They will end up as jelly and cordial. We ran out of sugar so the freezer is full of chopped up guavas now.

The new nutseason has started and we are picking some nuts every day. The Pecans are a bit bigger than last year. We have fed it a bit more this year so we´ll se next year if it was right. The Kumquats are coming nicely allthough we have not done anything for them. The big citrus grove is still on the to do list. The lemons are ripening but the rest have some time to go.

So the toilet has had to wait a bi. But we will get that done soon. We had to build a rickety temporary shower meanwhile. The creek has become too cold.

Autumn has set in. Time to chop wood too. There is always a lot of things to do.

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