Tuesday : project fix the dunny

Gonna try to write a bit more often here. A bit of diary.

We have a lot of projects going on or listed. Before winter we started on setting up bathroom. We ended up going to the toilet all winter outside anyway. We set up a temporary shower just outside the verandah. It all worked out fine. Then one day after winter was over we got hold of vinyl flooring and glued half of it down. Put the toilet in there and voilá at least we are inside. But still no door. Windows will only be netting so the shower steam will go out easily. Anyway the sink is almost done and now we have started to work on the bathroom again. But we have to move a big pile of wood that lay under the verandah/bathroom so we started doing that before we can get under and figure out to position the drainage between the floor beams.

We have been sawing for two days and sorting and stuffing and pulling nails. There is still some under the floors and another pile that we might as well move while we´re at it. But we crawled under the floor and one on top to measure out where we shall fit the drain. And then it got too hot so we stopped and went to the creek instead.

Then we made ice cream. Just an experiment. The second Ice cream trial. It turned out yummy but need a bit of tweaking.

Our Magpies are still two but it seems to be two girls now. Or the mom and a baby who is either going to be a girl or is a not grown boy. Interresting. Magnus himself is gone but we call them all Magnus now. We have two kookas again and one has a sort of halfass laugh.

The wild fires are out except one and it is over in Taylors Arms upper. Right now we have thunder and a bit of lightning. We hope and hope it does not set fire to the bush. If it does we are in trouble with all the dry bush and grass around. Please give us rain!!!!!

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