After the flood

Today we went to Kemp to bulk up on food and visit the library.

Yesterday we walked up the slope with a shovel and a pick on P`s to check out the ruts and bog holes. We dug some ditches to lead the water off the road and thought we did a pretty good job.

Today on the way to K we brought the shovel and both chain saws. The little one that is new did not even start. Anyway we had to clear some branches big and smaller, some trees with vines on and one bigger which craved the big chain saw. Some larger stones had to be pushes off the edge too. Further on on the Kemp- Armidale road a big part of the mountain had slid down over the road but had just been cleared. Like: oh my gawd! After that it was just like any other day. Had a different lunch. Usually we have fish and chips because that was sort of a delicacy but now we have found not too expensive frozen barra in the store (not always) so fish is not a biggie anymore. Had a good salad and ribs at the pub. No visit to Bunnings today. On to Woolies and then home again. It took a big part of the day anyway since clearing the bush road took a bit of time.

Checked on the creek later and took a dip even. It was a bit milky greenish. The sand and beach have changed a lot again. It will be exciting to see how much.


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