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Critters around the house that we have managed to capture on camera

Since we live here and are not tourists we do not walk around with the camera all the time. We see birds and animals now and then but have not taken their pic. But here comes the ones we have on camera. I will add them bit by bit.

Lesser Bottle Cikada, (Chlorocysta vitripennis)




Here is a Lesser Bottle Cikada, (Chlorocysta vitripennis). We thought at first it was a frog. It make a sound like a frog and begins making it in the evening. Makes sence until one evening it was in one of the trees in our garden and we could take a pic.

Lesser Bottle Cikada


Occasionally we have mice. They do not like our food. Lasagne sheets seem to be okay. They like cheese but we keep that in the fridge. From the ceiling fell a mouse scull one day. Under the old gas stove and under one of the cabinets that was left we found one mummyfied mouse under each .


Mouse scullMummified mouse


We have a lot of ants. Some big and some small. These tiny ants decided to live in our solar powered lamp just by the battery. It shorted the light somehow so it would not charge properly.Ants


A bunch of these Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Macropygia amboinensis, live down by the creek. When we come they fly away with a heavy flight – flough flough flough. They are very common in our neck of the woods.

Brown Cuckoo-Dove, Macropygia amboinensis


I´ll add some more at a later on.