Time to pick up the fibre cement sheets

Tuesday. Time to pick up the fibre cement sheets for the outside walls.

Mick called Bunnings to check if they had any trailers and they did.

We drove in to Bunnings. Their trailers were pretty small.

We asked for 14 sheets and they said they had them.

Then came time to load. How to load sheets on the little trailer? They gave us two 3 meter 3×2 inch planks and laid them strait on top of the trailer and then the sheets on top. If we returned the trailer by closing at 17 it would be complementary.

They only had 10 sheets and we should go to Bunnings in South Kempsey for the rest. We had a map and the guy wrote on it where it was. We were off.

According to his directions we ended up on a private property and that guy gave us new directions for the other side of the main road.

Off again to Kempsey Industrial Area for a new search. Ask again and finally we found it. Very small sign said Bunnings. They guys from the other Bunnings had called so they were waiting for us and loaded the 4 last sheets.

We decided to skip lunch and eat at home depending on time. At turn off to Nulla Nulla one of the bands had been cut by the sheets and was loose. One more was on the way to be cut. Rearrange and tighten again. After a while the band was cut again and the load had shifted. After a while it had shifted backwards and was  part down into the trailer. One 2×3 had broken also. On to Postmans and we drove very carefully.

Almost home the load had shifted forwards and was very near to cut into the tail gate od the car. We had to unload all of it and arrange again. This time one side down in the trailer.  And we were so close to home.

Young Daniel came by on his motorbike and gave us a message from his dad that he would come either Sunday or Monday. We were just tightening the bands so we didn´t need help.

At the house we unloaded and drove back across the creek. We had a very late lunch in the ute on the way back to Kempsey. Jen feeding Mick. Returned the trailer and all was well. Made it on time.

Wanted an ice cream. McDs machine was broken so we went to KFC. Ate-drank it on a field outside Kempsey. It was to soft.

Now home again. Of course on the way home, tired and wary, a tree had fallen over the road and pulled another tree and some branches with it. Out and deal with that shit. Lucky it had not happened when we had the trailer and load! Finally that day was over. We were too tired to cook and just had sandwiches for din.

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