We have some fruit bats around the house now and then.

This one came into the house once and it made it´s rounds into the shed part looking for the big moths but never finding them. We think they ate all the grapes.

Bats, other animals and insects come around when there is something good for them or just looking for something and then either go away or die off (in the case of the flies).


A couple of mornings we were awakened by an odd scratching sound at the bed headboards. We could not figure out where it really came from. Not mice! Then we located it to the window frame. Mick went outside in the dark and notice that the window frame was a bit loose. Inside there were 4 bats squishing together. Well we made them homeless. Too bad. Pity we did not get a pic of that. If they had kept quiet we would never have known.


They ate all the grapes and tried out some of the Yellow Guavas and since we have not seen them.

Fruit bat, ate all the grapes

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