Moderate flood

Wednesday 2015-05-06

We had hard rain coming down for two days about three days ago.
It started with a hailwarning.

It started with a hail warningSo we covered Atlas.

Almost a lake in the sloping gardenOur garden looked like a minor lake.


This is the path to the beach. The road goes along the trees to the leftThe creek rose about two metres or more.

This is the path to the beach. To the left between the grass and the trees is the road to the beach.

Our measuring sticks disappeared.

Our pump was washed away. We found our hoses though and it´s little metal roof down the creek.

We can now walk easily along the creek almost as if it was a sidewalk.

Most plants lying down

All plants and growth is lying down and most leaves are gone from them. Only the really big trees are still there. All the river oak seedlings are lying flat along the stream direction.

The new beach

Our somewhat stony beach is now a very sandy beach. Everything has almost totally changed. But since the rain stopped the water is steadily subsiding. From being totally brown it is now clearing up.
Good thing we had just filled the water tank.


Drinking water

When it has cleared we hope to find the pump. The engine is probably too damaged but we could put the pump part on the old engine that we still have and is working. This flash flood gives you a little more respect for water and our handling of it.


We got our hot water shower up and running at the last minute. We could not have taken a dip in the strong current in the creek which had swelled into a small river.


Today was a brilliant day. Just warm enough, clear and sunny. Lots of birds chirped around in the garden.

This is the road to the beach  a day after the rain stopped

Here is the road to the beach between the grass and the trees. The water is receding quickly.

We are working on the bathroom. We have laid the floor. We have put insulation and fibro-cement sheets on the new wall replacing the one that was termite eaten.

Now we are experimenting with the placement of the shower and washbasin. Our shower will be just plain outback style in corrugated sheets. We are also figuring on a good stand for the hot water heater and pump. It will be good to shower inside.

Nights are getting colder by the day. The days are still nice though, 20 degrees or more.

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