Allt ätet?!

Yesterday we saw some wallaby poop in patch 3. Maybe it was there all ready and we did not notice. Maybe someone jumped the fence and left some calling cards. So we dug down all of them to check if the wallabies will jump the fence.

Next day… today that is we had a look. Jen had taken a piece off of the yam and replanted in patch three. Today all it´s leaves were gone. Off the face of the earth. Not a trace! Who was it? Rats, the possum or birds?

Vi såg lite wallabybajs i nya grönsakslandet och grävde ner dem för vi var ine säkra på om wallaby´sarna hade hoppat in över staketet eller gjort det innan staketet kom upp. Imorse fanns inget bajs meeeeen hade planterat en bit av jamsen i det nya grönsakslandet också. Någon hade ätit rubb och stubb. Bara skaften kvar! Vem kan det vara? Råttor? Pungräven? Fåglar?

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