We decided it was Sunday today and the sun shone beautifully. We had a long breakfast in front of the fire this morning. Hung around until 10-ish. Mick did the dishes and Jen tidied the house. Then we had some morning coffee/tea in the sun. After that we made a yummy Thai lunch on chicken, leek, ginger, capsicum, squash and coconut milk with rice. After it was time for after lunch coffee in the sun. Then Mick painted the old school desk -turned -sink stand –now turned bathroom vanity. Away with all old rust and now it is silver coloured. Jen baked Lime-raisin-macadamia cupcakes. Turned out sooo yummy. After that we raked about seven x two metres of the Pecan square and searched for Pecans among the leaves. Got quite a few! Time for coffee again and some internet browsing and no more work since it´s dark. Shower, fire and soon time for dinner which will be pork and Uluru stew with pepper fried onions.

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