Fight for the meat

We threw two bones with some meat on it in the paddock for Magnus and Maggie who are nesting. They got competition straight away. Bruce the goanna finally even dragged the bones to it´s nest in an old tree.

But meanwhile Willie Wagtail, a raven, the magpies and the goanna fought over it. It is fun to see the little wagtail nipping at the big goanna and birds to chase them away. To no avail of course. dsc00982Magpie in the tree wondering what to do.

dsc00981Goanna is eating my food!

Crow gets some feedNow raven is also eating my food!

Maggie is helpingI need help! Maggie comes to help.

Where is he going?Bruce the Goanna wins!

dsc00971Brings all the bones to his nest.













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