Russian Garlic / Elephant Garlic

When we moved in we saw what we thought was Daffodils and relocated them in anticipation of a bit of colour. It did smell a bit garlicky but did not look like garlic at all. After receiving tons of odd garlic from neighbour we realised the folks before us must have gotten the same plant our neighbours did. Two days ago it was time to dig them up and have a look. The ones from the neighbour are planted in the vegie beds and rests well there for a while. So here are the ones we relocated. They are now harvested.

Russien / Elephant Garlic hanging to dry in the ceiling.
Three uses or stages

They were very small. Top pic shows some we have hung to dry in the ceiling. Now experimenting starts.

Above picture shows we cut part of the leaves to use as leek. We tasted them and decided not to use them raw because they packed quite a wallop. In the plastic tub are the bulbs or rounds. We will just use and fry them as usual but they are a solid round bulb. In the round tub are the babies. Don´t know what to do with them. Maybe find a little patch somewhere and shove them down for future harvests. We´ll see.

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