20171115 Wednesday.

Late morning. We had put a picture with wine and a tube of Deep Heat for sore muscles on Facebook. Cosy Friday we called it. A comment came along from Hildgrim to have a look at no dig gardens. So at the library we downloaded the guys homepage and read it this morning. Well shows we have tried something similar but with grass. The grass has been enough for the paths in the beds but not enough for covering a whole patch for new beds (omg) the vocabulary drives us nuts). Which made us use the old fashioned dig and turn over grass clumps method. Anyway Mick all of a sudden remembered that we have saved a lot of cartons up in the storehouse in case we needed to move soon. He had wanted to throw them but Jen said no. We just might try this now for bed no 4 but when they have composted that is the end and hopefully we will have enough grass next time. The grass is also for the toilet. Registered the food we bought in Kemp onto the computer. Jen had a slight headache and resorted to tablets and a nap after lunch. Mick emptied the toilet and cleaned the black water filter which was clogged and made the room stink. It seems to happen now and then. We are writing it down now so we can keep track. It is not the toilet paper this time but straw that has rotted. That toilet is a whole science!

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