Spring work in the patches

Patch 1, Mostly weeds.
Esperiment. Plant close so nothing comes between. Wider beds. Not finished yet. Cane mulch to keep the moist in and weeds out.
Preparing patch 4 for planting tomatoes, pumpkins and melons.
Also working on patch 4. corn, silverbeet, cucumber, basil, spring onion, blueberries and in the raised bed will be strawberries.
So perfect to plant now if there was not 30 + cows roaming. The owner has yet to put up his fence.
Plant the seedlings and sow in their places. This has worked well. Shade of the Pecan tree.

It was so dry this year before the rains set in so we got barely any citrus. Grapefruit and Kumquat delivered.

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