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20150523 Saturday

Använd Google översättning. Vi försöker skriva rätt så att översättningen blir åtminstone förståelig.

When someone drives by we go to the window to check like some boonie dummies. Todays entertainment: 5 bikies and one truck. Ok the truck was not entertainment since we knew them.
The shower that did not work yesterday started straight away today. WTH can it be? Airbubbles maybe. Some spider sitting on the ignition keeping it from lighting?







The Yellow-Tailed Black-Cockatoos sat in the Macadamia and ate to their hearts desire this morning.



Lucky we picked our sackful yesterday. They can have the rest.


Mick sawed off a lot of branches from the Liquid Ambar and Jen went on with the garden squares. We divided the garden and spaces we use often into squares so we don´t go nuts.

The compostpiles are coming along really well. Warm steam comes out of them when lifting to put in the kitchen food scraps. We also emptied the mulch from the toilet.

Cracked two black walnuts with a sledge hammer on the old cast iron bridge thingies. They taste odd.

This first year is a year of learning and observing. The seasons are not like anywhere we have lived. Jen is trying to figure them out. Comparing to Athens in Greece, West Africa, Los Angeles, Sydney and other places. Living far from the coast makes the temperature and weather more uneven and differences a bit bigger. It´s very interesting all the time and we are slowly getting into some kind of rut. We have come so far as to wake up, go on the internet, have breakfast, decide on what to have for lunch and dinner and wash yesterdays dishes.