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Early spring garden

In the garden right now.

Kumquat buds and flowers  Here is a yellow citrus flower. At least we think so but this needs further investigation because nothing on the internet says there is such a thing.

dsc00740 Here is one of the terrible Lantanas. It is a pink one. Soon it will be cut to a nice shape.dsc00738  This one we have no idea what it is but it is very cute. Possibly Scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis)dsc00737 Here is a Mulberry almost ripe!dsc00735 Here is a Banksia cone. The small bumps have seeds inside.dsc00727 Here is a White Paper Daisy / Rhodanthe floribunda. We have relocated these from the bush to the cleared space by the entrance.dsc00728 Here are many yellow flowers. They are all over right now. Senecio Lautus ssp dissectifolius / Variable Groundsel.

Up close below:


The Wisteria (Blåregn) that grows in the Citrus Grove and we are trying to tame it.
Here is a creeping vine. We do not know what it is yet. Maybe a Jasmin of some kind, possibly Jasminum Polyanthum 

Citrus buds and flowers And lastly the citrus flowers and buds. They smell lovely but do not smell citrus at all.