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Another winter’s day another kumquat cordial making

Well the kumquat prison wine failed. Will try with yeast tomorrow. but 7 bottles of cordial got made! Boding well for hot summer days.

We´ve had a few really cold days and a long bout of morning frost. On Tuesday we went to Kemp for some errands and it was a pretty nice windy and warm day. A day with few errands but a doctors appt. and getting the ute’s brakes fixed. It ended up with us being sent both here and there and the whole day was totally full and we got home in the dark. Phew.

Good thing was we only had to buy food for ca 100 $. We had 20 days of food at home this time. And we have veggies for all that time. Only bought cauliflower and some green beans. Wow!

The garden is thriving. Especially patch 3! Incredible! Even though we´ve had many frost mornings but light frost. We are flabbergasted. We have a lot to learn about the weather!