So what´s on the menu

This is dry reading and no pics. Only for hard core eaters.

So what´s on the menu? Lunch and dinner:

Hamburgers / Hot dogs

Chicken soup (don´t remember what was in it) / T-bone steak with potato and salad

Chicken soup same as yesterday / Lamb leg roast with oven vegs:parsnip, potato & yam

Franks mash & pepper fried onion / Pork sweet potato & salad

Greek salad with boiled egg (egg IN salad is not very tasty) / Pasta, ham & cheese fry super yum

Franks a la Stroganoff / Orange chicken according to a Greek recipe on the internet

Ham sandwich / Cup cakes & popcorn

Chicken wraps, lots of fresh vegs in here / Cabbage and sage soup a la Nigella (this was totally disgusting)

Made fish soup on leftover cabbage/sage soup which turned out even worse! First time Nigella maybe last time too / Mince sauce with capsicum & potato

Pasta with sauce on franks / mustard, cream, carrots & leek, home made salami pizza (super)

Hot cheese tomato sandwiches / Bienenstich cake

Waffles with homemade jellies & syrups and jams / Tuna wraps

Lamb lentil stew (stew made from back of lentil package and added lamb, Indian stuff) super tasty / Chips beer cake & tea

Chicken with sauce: ginger squash capsicum leek & coconut milk / popcorn & wine

Lunch: Pork slices, chilli pepper fried onions with Uluru stew made from celeriac, swede, carrot yum yum

Dinner: Swedish prawn sandwiches, cup cakes made with lime & raisin

Lunch: Fried fish, rice & sauce from peanut butter, coconut milk a bit of brown sugar & Garam Masala super yummy

Dinner: Lamb stew made on tomato sauce, rosemary & garlic and our own dried beans.

Lunch: Bits from the pork leg roast with a ready made sauce from the store, rice and a simple salad.

Dinner: Pasta with a mince stew on capsicum, leek & our own squash.

Yep not ready to live on our home-grown vegetables yet but we are learning and next step is to adjust the sowing so that all does not ripen at the same time.

Went shopping and since it was cold and windy we had lunch at the Liberty Café: fish and chips. We also had a lot of food still in the freezer so we did not have to buy so much this time.

Store bought baguette with cheese and ham, popcorn after.

Now we take care of all the newly bought fresh meat. Usually the mince has the shortest date so we make something out of mince and the make 100 gram patties and freeze them. But this time we decided to make meatballs instead of patties.

So for lunch mince mushroom sauce with pasta and a simple salad.

Evening we had pork chops with a cream sauce with tarragon, potatoes and home grown beans.

Lunch was frankfurters in hot dog buns. Then we baked saffron bread for our little midwinter celeb. The evening passed with tasting the saffron bread and having popcorn and grog. Oooooo.

Next day was time for a nice dinner of Salmon with homemade Gravlax sauce, potatoes gratin Dauphinois and meatballs. Then we put the rest of the meatballs in the freezer.

Saturday saw us eating chicken curry and rice for lunch and BBQ scotch fillet with our own grown fried cauliflower and the Dauphinois for dinner.

Sunday: Sausage & cabbage soup / popcorn & wine

Monday: Biscuits with jam & cheese / chicken a l´orange with rice and corn.

Tuesday: Pumpkin soup & biscuits. The pumpkin soup is really butternut squash soup. Evening we made goulash on round steak and it came out to 4 meals so we froze 3 meals for the future.

Hamburgers / Lamb with potato mash made from potato & home grown swede root.

And the last day of the month we had leftover salmon from the Midwinter celeb. We made salmon sandwiches on newly baked bread and for dinner we had bits of port which we cut up and fried with mushrooms and our own squash, the last squash in the patch! Rice with that.

Soo yummy food…. all except Nigellas cabbage stuff.

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