Another one of those long days

Went to town to do do errands and buy food yesterday.

We took the road through the bush and saw so many fallen trees from the last storm. We have been so lucky that the wind came from behind the mountains. The mountain took the brunt of the storm and spared us. Soo lucky! When we got home warm winds came through and the evening was very warm. It had been 25 plus during the day.

Mick went to the eye doctor to get new glasses. The doc and Jen got into a discussion and poor Mick was sitting there wondering if he should just leave or stay.

A couple of days ago we found an old piece of very long fabric from when Jen sewed some Viking dress. We checked and it fitted perfectly as curtains in our bedroom. We hung it in one window to see if we really like the colour and we doo. The super old curtains from the bedroom will now be hung in the livingroom so we bought new dowels for that (very long thin poles of wood).

The slab house is becoming more and more like a home. Most furniture is down. More and more books are being unpacked. The photoalbums are unpacked. We are redistributing repacking stuff also and putting the boxes back up in the roof project

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