20180101 Monday

Our guests left after brekkie. Weather was great most of the day. Had a short squall in the afternoon but got warm straight away. They had a 6 hr drive to Sydney. We took a day off and celebrated Knut way too early. This year will be a healthy year. A big dishwashing and a dip in the creek then some goodies, the rest of the champagne, popcorn and some films on tv. Finally we can go to sleep.

We still have a cikada year. There are about 7 different cikada sound around and they are many and loud. We are on a good way to getting tinnitus. They never stop. Some keep at it through the night!

It´s time for Fatso the kookaburra, whom we fed almost 3 mice a day at one time, to take on the responsibility of uncle and he is very good at it. He has been flying around with his protegé for weeks now and trying to teach him/her the ropes. The poor young one has a terrible laughter. It can only bark. It is sooo funny! owf owf owf! Fatso is going nuts trying to teach the juvie to laugh correctly! But this morning his protegé is getting much better at not barking at the end of his laughing. He is growing up fast now! Soon time to leave the nursery. Fatso himself was left in our garden by his aunt who checked in on him 3 times a day, then twice and then not. So compared to her he is a very good and responsible uncle!

We still have a mouse in the house! It´s not a bat … we are quite positive we think….

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