Picking nasties

Had morning meeting and decided what to do during the day.

Harvested a bit in the gardens for lunch and dinner, picked some larvae. There is a new little larva that is better at sticking to the leaf that the big green cabbage butterfly larva. The green ones you can almost just shake off.

Removed some egg collections and leaves from the brassicas. Killed a lot of small katydids. Some bigger katydids carried their babies on their backs!

Worked the seed house; repotted 4 rhubarbs, 4 Magenta Lilly Pilly´s and the one sage. Planted the chillies, some potatoes and one capsicum. The capsicums from last year are now mini trees.

The bok and pak choy have gone straight to bloom in the hot weather and we harvested the dry seeds for next sowing later when the weather has cooled down a bit.

This year the insects and larvae are hard on the veggies and we are eating mostly leftovers from their smorgasbord. Harvested the first melon but it was due to being almost half rotten. We will try it out tomorrow.

Had an electrical outage again. It lasted a couple of hours, not as long as the last one but still irritating. They never tell you why.

The cicadas are really going at it now.

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