Cloudy and only 29 + ,

Pumpkins are drying before storing and so also some onions. We are not yet doing a lot of anything but the little we have we do as trial for next harvest or for a better year. The wets are supposed to start any day now. The springing word here is supposed.

The big elusive mouse died but instead we got a whole bunch of grass mice. So we have been feeding Fatso the Kookaburra one or two mice for over 10 days now. But now to top it all someone or thing has started gnawing on wood between the ceiling and the corrugated roof where the bedroom roof joins the main building. It drives M nuts so he is now sleeping in the guest room. Today we checked out how to get in there and it means we will have to tear down the whole roof over the bedroom because somebody decided to nail just that part to the  beams while all the rest is screwed on. So .. after some more checking we just put a trap there and threw in some poison for good measure. Hope it dies!

Figured it takes 10 hours to mow the whole grassy area including the fire safe areas. Filled the water tank, harvested some goodies and made filled pancakes for lunch. Our latest is lightly woked sweet potato leaves and today we tried vine leaves chopped up in mince. Vine leaves gives a distinct different taste. Thinking cooking them up and mixing in fruit salad some day.

The Lilly Pilly decided to give blooming another chance and so did the Lemon Myrtle and now one of the orange trees is following suit. What´s this? Second spring?

Nature is still surprising us.

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