Winter chores

Yesterday we went over with mosst of the sweet potatoes to G&D so they can both eat themselves and feed the paddies. G lent us a gigantic “bible” on permaculture.

Made second batch of Kumquat cordial. This time the cordial has come out more timid in taste than last year. Maybe they are not ripe enough. Took a drive in the bush to pick up some inbetween fire wood. You know when you build a fire you use sticks and bigger sticks before you add the logs. So the inbetweeners. Cut them up and then stacked lots of wood on the veranda for easy access. Dug up two of the composts and the pile of greens we had down by the patches and added to the kitchen compost so that now we only have one big compost. It will now lay there while we are away and meld and become a nice nourishing addition to the vegie beds. One mouse in one of the traps. Not seen any mice for a long time now so we thought we had found all the holes but guess not. The gas bottle got empty right in the middle of Jen’s shower. Hate when that happens. We have prunes one Mulberry slightly and have given up on the big one. Took a couple of twigs and dipped in rooting powder and stuck down in some soil. See if we can get some new trees going. So we can keep them small right from the beginning. Leave the big one to the birds. Cooked the chicken and now all is prepared for until we come back from our trip – food wise. The only thing that got done on the daily chores list was filling the water filtering device.

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