Winer 2018

Sooo damn cold yet so much to do yet just want to sit in front of the stove. Outside morning looks like snow but i’s just heavy morning frost. Gotta check on the vegs if I can make myself get out of the chair and out of the jammies and into some work clothes …  phew! Not liking cold. Hubby already on the go with the dishes.

Found a book at the library with lots of fun fruit and berries that I have never heard of: Sorbs, Goumi, Umbinza, Wampi, Che, Ugni and more! Nice! Also some natives and that’s the part we’re mostly interested in.

Sent for spring seeds but am very disappointed in seed catalogues since they are sooooo bad at having natives in them!

Kempsey yesterday and it went very smooth. Since it was too cold to sit and eat by the Mac river we opted to try the Kempsey chinese rest. It was such a let down! Never again.

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