Onsdag-Torsdag (använd översättningsapp)

Wednesday. Fire in the stove – morning. Blue skies. Meant to work outside but got wiping down black ash from shelves in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Mick brought in more wood. Still having a bit of fire in the morning. Did the administration: receipts and registrations aso. 

Thursday. I have such pain in my right hand and fingers can’t barely turn door knobs but after working the hand a bit went on with cleaning the shelves. Mick did mould removal in the bathroom and top shelves I could not reach. Cow owner came by on his horse and we had a nice long yarn. Then he and Mick went on to se where the cows had crossed the creek and disappeared into or up to or or..  

So his one kid will come with her dogs and find the cows and take them home. This will be in the weekend since she and hubby works a fair bit away during weekdays. I had also promised for a long time to take a dip in the creek when it is up to 18 C’s. Now that happened yesterday evening so now I have to bite the bullet. Down the creek, threatened by Plovers and took a dip.

Sun was already behind the mountains so not so warm. Up, grog, food, some movie to watch and bedtime. 

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