The ant world

The Ant World: We have some kind of ant invasion. This is a very odd thing. On the kitchen table we find ants. They don’t crawl around like any ants but seem to have been thrown out of the nest. (So ants must be living between the ceiling and the corrugated roof!) They are crippled ants. Maybe crippled at birth or old and redundant? And therefore cleaned out? They drop into glasses, food and whatever is on the table. So Mick removed the slat that goes above the table by the light cable and sealed it with wood filler. No ants this morning. They must find a new place to throw their “friends”.

Hobbling along with my knee and imagining it is getting better. Tired of it now and will go out in the patches. If I don’t twist it it should be fine! It’s been raining a lot and the grass is growing. It will be hard to weed without disturbing the tiny seedlings.

Yesterday we sawed the wood we had gathered and Mick split half of it. It will now dry nicely in the shed until next winter. He also did a bunch of small chores while I stared at him more or less.

The damned Plovers come in for landing just when we go to bed or have fallen asleep. Because of the stupid knee I cannot go out and shine the flashlight in their faces and make them go away. I n e e d a s h o t g u n !

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