Speak Kooka?

Do you speak Kooka?

This is what we noticed. A rather big Kooka sat in the Jackaranda tree. We threw a mouse in the grass underneath it. After a little while it flew down and took it flew up again and ate it. Then it left. Next day a smaller Kooka flew on to the same branch of the Jackaranda tree. We threw a dead mouse (it had drowned by itself in a bucket of water under the roof guttert) on the grass under it. After looking at it for a very long time and at us who cheered it on it flew down and picked it up. We cheered it on to eat it. Then it started to make odd noises. Not kookalike at all. It went at it with the mouse in its mouth for a long time. 10 min or so. Then finally it flew away with the mouse. After a minute we heard it making it’s sound and interacting with another Kooka. then after maybe 10 minutes it came back with the mouse still in it’s mouth. It sat down on the branch and looked at us and ate the mouse. Then it looked very satisfied. It started looking for another mouse and we actually had one to give. It must have gotten thumbs up it was edible.

We have notice a lot of animals will only eat what mum said was ok to eat!

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