Ni kan väl använda Google översättning. Men kontentan: Måla vatten, olja, riva allt eller täcka med nya skivor. Vi lutar mot nya skivor / plattor.

We tried making the ceiling look a bit better but it did not work. We teetered between just painting, covering with sheets of wood and just pulling down the whole thing. Pulling it down will be a very big project that has to be done during a time with no rain for at least a couple of weeks so we scrapped that one. We can imagine the wildlife residue left up there.

We don’t know what the ceiling sheets are made of. Most likely asbestos in which case it will be very costly to pull down. So we decide to just paint over it.

Painting did not cut it. It is water based paint so maybe that could be it. The wildlife residue has seeped through over the years. Remembering the house being around 90 years old but the ceilings must have been exchanged at some time…. or maybe not. Asbestos was very popular at the time. Anyway so we are now looking at either trying oilbased paint or just bying new sheets and covering the whole shebang, which looks like the most likely course of action right now.

This will have to wait until the rains cease since we have to bring them home in the open on Atlas driving for a couple of hours. So yeah.

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