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Two utes drove up and parked outside our garden. It was Chris and Rhonda, their daughter and her boyfriend. Chris had grown up in our house. We walked around and talked about when and where and his family. His wife was also a local. They were very nice and I want them to come back so that I can write down everything they have to tel about the house.

He told us about the creek and this is gave us something to think about. The creek has never dried up but it sure has dried to just leave a litle brook. When they lived here they had two big rainwater tanks for occasions like when the creek almost dries out. He laughed and said it was not a big problem since they never washed. But still!

When he lived here there were barely any trees. They had a pig pen down by the creek and a veggie patch somwhere. There was a dairy up behind where the roof project is and he went to school across the creek. There was no store there at his time though and he is Mick´s age.

We had read that kids of around 10 had to take the pigs to Kemp and that journey took 5 -7 days. What did they do with dingoes and such? Chris said there were pig pens all the way to Kemp where the kids could put them up for the night and not worry. Pigs were also good and staid together not running away. Then we went on to talk about certain worse traits with pigs as their ability to eat bone and by the way let´s not go there.

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