round Moon puzzle / runt mån pussel

This years yule puzzle was given to us last year.

We started on the 1 of Jan and finished 19 days later. We did it now and then with a glass of wine or not. Most often before bedtime .

It had letters on the back. A first for me. So you can divvy it up in small piles according to letter and many letters for the seams. Probably a good thing is this case since it was all gray scale.

The picture on the puzzle and the picture on the paper did not resemble each other much but was mirroredand missing the outer round part. So a bit puzzling – haha.


But something we quickly notices was the patterns in pieces. You can divide the pieces in shapes and then check the patterns. Helped a lot but not always since the puzzle narrows toward the middle.

Beautiful puzzle and a bit of depth actually.

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