Worked on the outside of the house. Took off the guava nets. Made some homemade snickers but they did not turn out tasty. We have the fire going almost all day now! Some light rain today. The net bits in the patches seem to work. One pumpkin had fallen even though its stalk had not turned brown and dried. One more cucumber on the way.

The Satin Bowerbirds are flocking wintertime and settle where there is food. So we have put nets a bit haphazard all over the veggies. It seems to work. They come but leave right away.

The melon plant is dead, The sweet potatoes are ready but the leaves are wilting. The Bird of Paradise got the second flower. The Mulberries have lost their leaves. All citruses are coming along well. Winter is truly here .

Must gather Guava leaves for tea before they also turn brown and dry.

The two garbage cans we bought at Bunnings, One for recycling and one for trash worked out well.

All needed now is a good raking of the garden and some weeding.

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