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Bits and pieces

Everything around the house and property needs a lot of tender loving care, even rough loving care. The trees for instance need a lot of pruning. Does that count for tender or rough when you saw off a branch? Well other things you can work on while waiting for the tea water to boil. The floor.DSC01227

A slab house/cabin is a cabin built without nails or screws. Modern slab cabins have corrugated metal as roofs. These of course have screws. Our cabin is a bit more modern and is nailed or screwed in some places. A slab cabin is also built with green wood. When it dries it leaves small spaces.DSC01177

So you can see out without windows if needed, or into the next room or through to the ground under the house if you want to know where you put that piece of furniture that did not fit in the the cabin.


Anyway, when I wait for the water to boil or something else I take an old kitchen knife and poke the spaces clean from earth. I manage maybe two or three meeters at a time. Over the years crap has collected there, gotten moist or even wet and composted into soil. Sometimes there is a shard of glass or a nail, screw or other small things also. So I poke it up and sweep, sort and throw where it belongs. Bit by bit.

I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. Insects for instance now have even better access to living with us.

We will put carpets on the floors come winter. Some wood is rotten and some is termite eaten.DSC01133

The sellers have also hidden some planks under slabs of other wood.DSC01231

We are still treasure hunting.

Rain, veggie patch

We have had rain all evening and all night. An ordinary drizzle. Did not even fill the wheelbarrow standing outside. If the weather follows the rules it should start raining sometime in January. Well just hoping for good enough rain to make everything green.

In the veggie patch, all the beans have come up and now need small sticks for the feelers to catch on to. One coriander has come up and nothing more. We sowed 6 different vege & herbs. Time for a second sowing and see if it will work better. Maybe something ate the others. Maybe they needed more water.

Our solution for water.


We take our water directly from Five Day Creek.

It is clean enough to drink but we filter the drinking water anyway. It is about 200 meters from the cabin to the creek.

About every two weeks we must fill up the 3500 liter tank. The petrol powered pump is not connected permanently so it has to be taken down to the creek and be connected to  the hoses stored there. The reason for not having a permanent connection is that flooding in the summer would wash it away.


Checking the oil and filling up the fuel tank of the pump.


Down at the creek it is time to connect all the hoses


All clear at the tank!


Filling up the tank takes about 45 minutes of pumping at full throttle. The sound of pumps going can be heard on a regular basis from all properties.

We use an old T-shirt to filter away any debris from the pump. After 3 days or so the sludge is at the bottom of the tank and the water is clear.

When the tank is full everything is disconnected and taken away.




First day

bn-Aleta-&-Michael-with-too20141007 Tuesday

10:15 the phone call came. Settlement done. The property is ours!!!!

Vacation is over. Packed stuff that cannot take water since it might rain tomorrow.  

After lunch we drove (Jen) to our property. Met with Anita & Anton and Michael and Anette. Welcomed them to our humble abode, haha.

Waited for them to finish packing. Michael showed us a little more about the house. They left and we carried all our stuff inside. We also move a lot of logs for the container truck to make it to the gate. Then we went back to Bellbrook and ate all the microwave popcorn. Watched tv for the last time in a long time.

Got a call that customs have cleared our container.