Time to pick up the fibre cement sheets

Tuesday. Time to pick up the fibre cement sheets for the outside walls.

Mick called Bunnings to check if they had any trailers and they did.

We drove in to Bunnings. Their trailers were pretty small.

We asked for 14 sheets and they said they had them.

Then came time to load. How to load sheets on the little trailer? They gave us two 3 meter 3×2 inch planks and laid them strait on top of the trailer and then the sheets on top. If we returned the trailer by closing at 17 it would be complementary.

They only had 10 sheets and we should go to Bunnings in South Kempsey for the rest. We had a map and the guy wrote on it where it was. We were off.

According to his directions we ended up on a private property and that guy gave us new directions for the other side of the main road.

Off again to Kempsey Industrial Area for a new search. Ask again and finally we found it. Very small sign said Bunnings. They guys from the other Bunnings had called so they were waiting for us and loaded the 4 last sheets.

We decided to skip lunch and eat at home depending on time. At turn off to Nulla Nulla one of the bands had been cut by the sheets and was loose. One more was on the way to be cut. Rearrange and tighten again. After a while the band was cut again and the load had shifted. After a while it had shifted backwards and was  part down into the trailer. One 2×3 had broken also. On to Postmans and we drove very carefully.

Almost home the load had shifted forwards and was very near to cut into the tail gate od the car. We had to unload all of it and arrange again. This time one side down in the trailer.  And we were so close to home.

Young Daniel came by on his motorbike and gave us a message from his dad that he would come either Sunday or Monday. We were just tightening the bands so we didn´t need help.

At the house we unloaded and drove back across the creek. We had a very late lunch in the ute on the way back to Kempsey. Jen feeding Mick. Returned the trailer and all was well. Made it on time.

Wanted an ice cream. McDs machine was broken so we went to KFC. Ate-drank it on a field outside Kempsey. It was to soft.

Now home again. Of course on the way home, tired and wary, a tree had fallen over the road and pulled another tree and some branches with it. Out and deal with that shit. Lucky it had not happened when we had the trailer and load! Finally that day was over. We were too tired to cook and just had sandwiches for din.

Garden, all the squares to clear

Before, lots of Wisteria and other vines
Two ripe limes

DSC01422 DSC01433






The parcel is very big. But on it we have a garden which is not too big. Then there are areas which we want to clear and keep clear because we use them a lot. Therefore we have divided them into squares and numbered them. Before we did this all work felt very overwhelming. Now we feel that we at least get things done.

There is just one thing now and that is the neighbour sold his cows. They were our lawnmowers and compost additives, the muck that is. Now they are gone and everything is growing like crazy. We will have to hire someone to mow all paddocks before the dry season. Wow what a hay stack it´s going to be.


Back to the garden now. We have cleared all of the surrounding garden close to the house and cut down some trees and branches. We are also still trying to figure out what different trees we have.


We cleared around the water tank so it should dry out well between rains. The wooden rest on which it stands always feels rotten. The first time we filled Jen stepped on one plank and it broke and she fell backwards. Luckily the ground was grassy and there were no stones or debris.

Latest clearing we did was finished today and it is the sliver between the garden and the citrus grove. It has some lime trees, one lemon tree and probably one mandarin tree. Later on we will integrate it with our garden.


We have also arranged the different pieces of wood in green half dry, dry and different kinds. Those meant for fire and those that can be used for building.


Next will be under the house in preparation for righting it.

Sons visit.

Not long after we moved to the bush our son came over for a visit. He took his driving licence this year and has both driven on right and left hand side so we did not worry too much about that part. Sydney on the other hand can be a handful to drive in but he fixed it and came up to us in one day. We met up in Kempsey and the last part Mick went with him in the rental so he could point out the parts of the track where you have to be more careful. So on sons first trip he saw lots of cows, wallabies, dragons and goannas on the road.

Since he staid for ca three weeks he got to join in many of our activities.

Skinny dipping in the creek for instance. A real treat not many people can do today. In the 70 and 80:ies bathing naked anywhere was normal in Sweden but has fallen out of practice due to all the immigrants with odd religions.IMG_2217

Walking in the rainforest.

Filling the water tank, a chore that takes about an hour. IMG_1905

Just hanging on the veranda (doing his work) in the warm weather, fighting the biting March flies, watching the wallabies jump by and meeting the cows. The cows at night can give you a scare. They look like aliens with their red eyes widely apart making you wonder what the hell that is!

The kookaburras insane laugh and out here they have a wide veriety of laughing. But then it is spring too.

Actually at one time the March Flies got to us so we hung up a mozzie net in the trees to be able to eat in peace.IMG_2099

Having a beer at the nearby pub (45 min away).

Filling the gas bottles at the General store.IMG_1647

Helping out picking the immediate garden clean from glass.

Chopping down trees and moving earth and composts.

Doing the laundry. Rubbing, rinsing, wringing and hanging. All by hand.DSC01213

Looking at the possum and other odds and ends.

Finally the end came and it was time for him to drive down to The Big Smoke and fly home.

He said he like it out here. That warms our hearts.

We miss him and we call the guest room “sons room” at the moment.


How do we get daughter & family over now? Hmmm.


Christmas Day

Christmas Day went by with the following happening. We had to fill the water cistern. We saw our first red belly slither in under the house. Another chore coming up: cleaning up under the house so you can safely work there. Skyping with daughter and her little modern family. We got a good long rain too, all evening and night.

Bits and pieces

Everything around the house and property needs a lot of tender loving care, even rough loving care. The trees for instance need a lot of pruning. Does that count for tender or rough when you saw off a branch? Well other things you can work on while waiting for the tea water to boil. The floor.DSC01227

A slab house/cabin is a cabin built without nails or screws. Modern slab cabins have corrugated metal as roofs. These of course have screws. Our cabin is a bit more modern and is nailed or screwed in some places. A slab cabin is also built with green wood. When it dries it leaves small spaces.DSC01177

So you can see out without windows if needed, or into the next room or through to the ground under the house if you want to know where you put that piece of furniture that did not fit in the the cabin.


Anyway, when I wait for the water to boil or something else I take an old kitchen knife and poke the spaces clean from earth. I manage maybe two or three meeters at a time. Over the years crap has collected there, gotten moist or even wet and composted into soil. Sometimes there is a shard of glass or a nail, screw or other small things also. So I poke it up and sweep, sort and throw where it belongs. Bit by bit.

I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. Insects for instance now have even better access to living with us.

We will put carpets on the floors come winter. Some wood is rotten and some is termite eaten.DSC01133

The sellers have also hidden some planks under slabs of other wood.DSC01231

We are still treasure hunting.

Rain, veggie patch

We have had rain all evening and all night. An ordinary drizzle. Did not even fill the wheelbarrow standing outside. If the weather follows the rules it should start raining sometime in January. Well just hoping for good enough rain to make everything green.

In the veggie patch, all the beans have come up and now need small sticks for the feelers to catch on to. One coriander has come up and nothing more. We sowed 6 different vege & herbs. Time for a second sowing and see if it will work better. Maybe something ate the others. Maybe they needed more water.

Our solution for water.


We take our water directly from Five Day Creek.

It is clean enough to drink but we filter the drinking water anyway. It is about 200 meters from the cabin to the creek.

About every two weeks we must fill up the 3500 liter tank. The petrol powered pump is not connected permanently so it has to be taken down to the creek and be connected to  the hoses stored there. The reason for not having a permanent connection is that flooding in the summer would wash it away.


Checking the oil and filling up the fuel tank of the pump.


Down at the creek it is time to connect all the hoses


All clear at the tank!


Filling up the tank takes about 45 minutes of pumping at full throttle. The sound of pumps going can be heard on a regular basis from all properties.

We use an old T-shirt to filter away any debris from the pump. After 3 days or so the sludge is at the bottom of the tank and the water is clear.

When the tank is full everything is disconnected and taken away.




First day

bn-Aleta-&-Michael-with-too20141007 Tuesday

10:15 the phone call came. Settlement done. The property is ours!!!!

Vacation is over. Packed stuff that cannot take water since it might rain tomorrow.  

After lunch we drove (Jen) to our property. Met with Anita & Anton and Michael and Anette. Welcomed them to our humble abode, haha.

Waited for them to finish packing. Michael showed us a little more about the house. They left and we carried all our stuff inside. We also move a lot of logs for the container truck to make it to the gate. Then we went back to Bellbrook and ate all the microwave popcorn. Watched tv for the last time in a long time.

Got a call that customs have cleared our container. 

Back home! Getting this property going.